"I've been meaning to write to Thom and tell him how much I love my ZoZo for a while now, but the main problem was...I couldn't put it down long enough! This guitar begs to be played, and playing it is a dream. Bravo Thom on creating a beautiful instrument that I'm looking forward to playing for many, many years!"


Andrew Lipke,

Solo artist and player in Get the Led Out

ZoZo T's

Since all ZoZo's are made in house, there are virtually unlimited options. Stock models are often available but custom orders are always welcome to get the exact look and feel you are looking for. 


  • Design planning
  • Finish & material selection
  • Scale length and fret board radius
  • Solid, chambered, hollow body
  • Pickups, electronics, active/passive

ZoZo t's in a variety of styles with different options for the logo. Quality cotton short and long sleeve.

“Hey Thom, I have finally put this guitar down for a few minutes to give you a shout. First off I was going to give you a shout about the electronics before you to to them to have you put a kill switch on it somewhere, but I felt bad to ask you after all you were already doing for us. Well then I figured it has one if you pull the second switch up and then bump the pickup selector switch back and forth. Some people may not be crazy about that but I absolutely love it!! I have run through several amps and a lot of effects and this is the most versatile guitar I've owned.

The neck is precisely the right feel for my playing, but I have to admit that was a concern since I had mentioned the one tele style guitar I had to spend 400 to get it right. The pull switches will switches will take me a while to get used to, but I already love the different sounds that all seem to be very useful. I can't thank you enough, but I'm going to try by helping get your name out more and more. At 46 I've owned a ton of guitars and this one is what I believe to be my dream guitar and there is no bullshit about it. I would straight up tell you if there was something I didn't like. By the way, it was in perfect tune out of the box! ”


David Cox

Hickory Blue

Thom Scott  has been making high end furniture since 1992. ZoZo guitars are the ultimate expression of all his years of experience both in playing guitar and utilizing the worlds finest materials. 

The Maker

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